Rhyme Fest mixtape was arranged, some cuts and scratches, and mixed by DJ LALA.

Track list:
1. Rhyme Fest LA Intro by DJ LaLa
2. Supa Star by Zoolay
3. Power Of Rhyme by Craig G
4. 3 Day Eviction by $Martyr (2mex & Life Rexall) feat. Lord Zen
5. Beatboxing Interlude (live) by Click & Tek Tha Supa Latin
6. Me & The Mikes by Luckyiam feat. Myka 9 & Open Mike Eagle (prod. By Putrid)
7. The World We Livin’ In by Destruct feat. Planet Asia, EQ (prod by DJ.VR)
8. Die The Nicest by Noa James
9. Graffiti Interlude by DJ LaLa
10. Optical Conclusions by The Cloaks (Awol One & Gel Roc)
11. Always Down by Reverie
12. Creep by Spliph Ghod
13. Never Growing Up by The Cloudmakers
14. Cheat Code by Sage Francis
15. Riiiot! by Chino XL feat. Ras Kass
16. Freestyle (wake up show- live) by Juice
17. On The Road Again by The Nonce
18. Yes Yes by Rebels To The Grain (prod. by Jazz Spastics)
19. Down For The Street Count by Revolutionary Rhythm
20. Lip Service by Defari
21. Immortals by Hieroglyphics
22. Yes Yes by Slum Village
23. Get Hip by People Under The Stairs
24. Fudge Pudge by Organized Konfusion



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